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Saraphina and the Great Kindle Sale

Originally posted by saraphina_marie at Saraphina and the Great Kindle Sale
So today's the day!
I'm nervous as hell and not feeling like I am doing enough (trying not to spam my Twitter or Facebook hourly) to promote this crazy and awesome marketing venture.
The Convent of the Pure is on sale for the Kindle for 99 cents. (In fact, all e-versions are on sale today for 99 cents, but we're really making for the Kindle push!)
It's an experiment, the first of its kind for Apex, to see what being a Bestseller will do for sales across the board, especially for a series. It's a gamble. Granted, we don't really lose anything if we don't accomplish our goal- we still get a lot more sales and publicity out of it, but if we succeed... if we succeed we're in all new territory with new possibilities and new potential that is far beyond what any of us had even thought about for Apex before.
To quote Jason Sizemore from this morning's email blast:
Apex is undertaking a venture to push the first title of Harvey's Penemue trilogy, The Convent of the Pure,
onto the Amazon Kindle top 100 bestseller lists (such as
Fiction->Fantasy->Historical). We also want to see if we can push
the book into the top #1000 overall (such a thing would be a first for
Apex!). The thrust of the drive occurs today from 9am to 9pm EST.

I'm proud of this company, y'all know that, proud of what they have accomplished and proud to be doing my part to make them better, more competitive, and generally more awesome than ever!
So, if you've been waiting for the perfect time to buy into my series and try out what Apex has to offer, your opportunity is knocking!

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Diana Wynne Jones has passed away, making this a terribly sad day. Her work was lighthearted and beautiful, in a class with only a few luminaries like Pratchett and Gaiman. I can't claim to have read everything she wrote, but what I have has stuck with me, and (in the case of Chrestomanci at least) probably been more influential than I want to admit. She will be missed.
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Ask me anything

SO things have gone from bad to worse around here, and I've spent the morning alternating between fits of rage and crying and a state of zen-like calm. Those last stretches only last a couple minutes at a time. I'll write more about that later, but FOR NOW...

This post is unlocked. Tracking is off. Anonymous posting is allowed. Ask me anything! Amuse me! Help me amuse you! Ask a personal question. Ask a fic-related question. Request ficlets (R-rated or less. I can't do smut on demand: I have to be in the mood. And drunk. And while I would be drinking, I have a toddler to look after.). And yes, they can be on any topic (fandom or otherwise): I'll do my best. Confess a sin. Ask for a recipe. Give me a recipe. WHO CARES LET'S JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS UP IN HERE.

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2) A note on the upcoming week's posts.
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