The Enigmatic Hellenicaeserist (alierakieron) wrote,
The Enigmatic Hellenicaeserist

Author's Note

1) Just a reminder that this journal and all its fiction will be going friends only... well, pretty soon after this is posted. If you haven't friended me, do so! If you don't have an LJ and don't want one, let me know and I will add you to the steadily growing email distro list.

2) A note on the upcoming week's posts.

I'm slapping a big ol' "Trigger and Ratings Warning" on this week's stories.
As far as Triggers go, I'm guessing it should be fairly obvious, based on Marianna's last statement to Rafe. I have no interest in graphic depictions of abuse,and so far, as a Survivor, I've had no problems writing it.
But my triggers are not other people's triggers, and so I post.
And yes, there will be a ratings jump. No harder than an R, I'd say, but since we've been chugging along at a steady PG until today it seemed worth the mention.

I'm probably being over-cautious by posting this, but I'd rather err on this side than the other.

3) And finally, a note on scheduling. I leave for Texas Thursday morning, and will be back Sunday. I don't know how this will impact updates. Either I'll spend the entire conference holed up in the hotel room typing away, or I'll be so busy I never get the chance. I JUST DON'T KNOW. For that matter, I don't even know if the cheap discount hotel I'm staying in has internet.

Oh God. I hope it has internet... :twitch: :twitchtwitch:

...then again, if they don't, y'all may get the epic update to end all updates if there isn't. BECAUSE WHAT ELSE WILL I DO IN SAN ANTONIO?
Oh. Right. Drink. And Eat. And I hear there's this old building there the Texans think highly of.

SO. There you have it.
Happy New Year, y'all.
Tags: author's note, fairy tale
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