The Enigmatic Hellenicaeserist (alierakieron) wrote,
The Enigmatic Hellenicaeserist

Ask me anything

SO things have gone from bad to worse around here, and I've spent the morning alternating between fits of rage and crying and a state of zen-like calm. Those last stretches only last a couple minutes at a time. I'll write more about that later, but FOR NOW...

This post is unlocked. Tracking is off. Anonymous posting is allowed. Ask me anything! Amuse me! Help me amuse you! Ask a personal question. Ask a fic-related question. Request ficlets (R-rated or less. I can't do smut on demand: I have to be in the mood. And drunk. And while I would be drinking, I have a toddler to look after.). And yes, they can be on any topic (fandom or otherwise): I'll do my best. Confess a sin. Ask for a recipe. Give me a recipe. WHO CARES LET'S JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS UP IN HERE.
Tags: fic, free-for-all, random
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